To give proper attribution to the term “wholebeing” (which I adore perhaps a bit more than work-life integration), I need to link you to a post on Karen Walrond’s blog from a few months ago. If you know me at all, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Karen for many, many reasons. Her post knocked my socks off, primarily because she very eloquently and effectively described what many of us are aspiring to in our wellness programs.

Please note my use of the word “aspiring.” And please note that she explains that they aren’t all things that you have to do every single day. For example, I know that yoga is good for my physical flexibility and my mental processing, and I recently learned while reading When that practicing yoga in a class may also benefit my ability to sync with people around me.  Does it need to be an everyday thing to reap those benefits? For me, no. Once a week is adequate, twice a week is ideal, and when I can get to a long-weekend yoga retreat once a year or so, it’s simply bliss. It’s all about figuring out our personal “sweet spot” in those various areas of our lives, then having the discipline to make them happen.

And making them happen…it’s not about “shoulding” all over ourselves.  It’s doing them because we know it’s a commitment to our best selves and our healthiest selves. We do this for our present and future selves. We do it for the people who love us (even on the days we’re pretty sure we don’t deserve it). We do it for our patients. We do it for the people on our team. We work on our #wholebeing because that’s how our best self can keep showing up every single day.

I’m putting a challenge out there because a holiday Wednesday during the first week of the academic year in medicine seems the perfect time. This Wednesday, July 4, will you join me on your favorite social media channel for #wholebeingWednesday? Share an image of you doing something that keeps you whole- reading a book, drawing something, running with a friend (that will be mine), whatever it is that helps you be your best you, and even if it was only for 2 minutes. I can’t wait to see what all of you are up to!