Top 10 things I’m saying a lot, June 2015 edition

10.  “Olivia, come out from under the deck right now!”

9.  “Let’s try it!”

8.  “Forward is a pace.”  (Thanks to Fellow Flowers for this one)

7.  “What do you think we should do?”

6.  “How can I help?  What do you need?”

5.  “Can you help me with…(fill in the blank with appropriate project/ activity here)?”

4.  “I crowdsourced that on Twitter; I’ll let you know what I find out.”

3.  “Miss Florida and Miss Texas are working on that together.  We’ll get back to you.”

2.  “I’m going for a run. I have a half marathon in (X) weeks.”

1.  “I am so excited about…(fill in the blank with appropriate project/activity here).  This will be fantastic!”


What are you finding yourself saying right now, both professionally and personally, and what does that say about where you are?  I can definitely tell that my priorities are (1) Olivia (always!), (2) running, (3) collaboration, and (4) motivation- not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 things I’m saying a lot, June 2015 edition

  1. When in your day do you fit in training for your races (especially when on clinical time)? I’m starting third year in a matter of days and worry about never having time to exercise (no major race goals here but would love advice on how to fit in some running!)

    1. Hi, Katy!
      Early is easier to do as an attending than it was as a student or resident, when I tended to run in the evenings. I also have the unfair advantage of being able to sneak out during the day sometimes when I don’t have clinical responsibilities.

      I love that you’re working on figuring this out- it’s important to do things to take care of you!