I’ve experienced grace. And light. And wonder. And inspiration. And joy.

Some days it’s been a genuine struggle to find any of those things, but they’ve always been there in some measure, no matter how small it has seemed at the time.

I’ve dreamed big, even when sometimes that’s meant not having any idea about some of the details.  Honestly, there’s been plenty of “I don’t know exactly what this is going to look like, but I know it’s going to happen.” Consistently leaping has resulted in a net appearing, and I attribute that to more than luck.

I’ve asked hard questions of myself and of people around me. I’ve listened to the answers to those questions, and when I’ve found them unjust I’ve made it clear that’s not acceptable to me. In other words, there’s been a lot of integrity and authenticity, even when it’s uncomfortable (usually moreso for the person who doesn’t like my lack of interest in tolerating BS than it is for me).

I’ve said yes to things I’m excited to do, particularly when it involves people I adore.  I’ve said no when it’s strategic. Hint: I have never, ever regretted a no.  Not once.  I can’t say the same for a few times when I’ve said yes and ended up resentful. I suspect there’s some wisdom in there.

Don’t be fooled: parts of this year have been arguably the most challenging of my life. But the group of people I alluded to last year who have my back no matter what? Yep.  They’re still here.

Each year I select a “word of the year”. For 2018, I’ve known for a while that it had something to with light, or shining, or glowing. Christmas Eve I finally got it right with a word that lets me shine as I help other to do the same.

illuminate– to light up, to shine, to throw light on. Or…to help clarify or explain, to elucidate, to give insight into, to demystify

I’ll be doing more of that this year, friends, and I hope you’ll join me to let your light shine as well.