Game. Set. MATCH!

“The last class of 48”- TAMUHSC MD grads, 1998


Here in the U.S. it’s Match Day, that annual event when students find out where they’re headed this summer for the next stage of their training.

The envelope, please!

For some of us, it seems we find out where we’re headed for more years than that.  When I opened that fateful envelope in 1998, I knew I was coming to Utah for 6 years for my general surgery training.  I honestly thought once I was done with that + fellowship that I would land back in Texas.  Some 18 years later, here I still am (admittedly with that one year back in Texas for fellowship).

For me, this is a day to look forward to the new family members who will join us this summer.  It’s also a day to reflect on adventures, unexpected roads taken, and remembering just how far I’ve come in these 18 years.  It’s been a wicked twisted road, and I wouldn’t trade most of it.


So if you’re matching today? Buckle up and hold on.  It may be bumpy sometimes, and it will all be okay.