More of this, less of that

The holiday blog slow-down continues this week as part of my global response to the holidays; while many over program and are wiped out by the end, I’ve gone to a consistent pattern of under programming.  I know that some of my basis for that is a fairly natural response to lots of dark and often lots of cold, when we all just want to hibernate.  And it’s not that I’m averse to the idea of Christmas itself, though I do wish that the associated messages of peace and justice were emphasized every day rather than just on a “special occasion.”  And, of course, there’s my antipathy towards New Year’s “resolutions”- while I’m a big setter of goals, especially goals that are a stretch in some way (like my 2014 goal to run a half marathon, which I successfully did 2 weeks ago!), resolutions don’t resonate for me.

My slightly crazy alternative approach this year is to start 2015 looking at things I want more of and less of in the coming year.  It gives me a chance to really focus on priorities, and it also gives me a chance to look at what worked and what didn’t in 2014.  So, in no particular order at all…

More presence

Less assumption

More no

Less guilty “Yes.”

More wonder

Less fear

More simplicity

Less deferred decisions

More patience

Less projection

More stretching

Less safety

More creativity

Less stagnation

More mindfulness

Less story

More joyful effort

Less rushing

More trailblazing

Less tradition


May your 2015 have more of everything your heart desires and less of those things that no longer serve you.  Onward!