November reading round-up

Eek!  Brand new month!  Which means…time for a brand new reading round up for you, dear readers.  Here’s what has caught my interest in the medical literature recently:

Our group has done some clinical research in the area of VTE and burns prior to Chris Pannucci joining us as a colleague at Utah.  From his time at Michigan, this piece in JAMASurgery discusses the validity of Caprini scoring in critically ill patients, and provides an important addition to his growing work in this area.

Because this is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with, how about the 2015 Breast Cancer Screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society?  JAMA also has additional materials on the topic, and the controversy continues…

This fantastic piece from my friend Raj Aggarwal, surgical educator extraordinaire, helps us understand cognitive competency in lap chole.

I’ve moved almost entirely away from using dopamine in shock and this study looking at epi vs. dopamine in pediatric septic shock reinforces my biases in this area.

And fun reading for the week?  Since one of my favorite #SurgTweeting residents is running the NYC marathon right now, how about this piece from the New Yorker on the history of the modern marathon?