Top 10 things I’m saying a lot, June 2015 edition

10.  “Olivia, come out from under the deck right now!”

9.  “Let’s try it!”

8.  “Forward is a pace.”  (Thanks to Fellow Flowers for this one)

7.  “What do you think we should do?”

6.  “How can I help?  What do you need?”

5.  “Can you help me with…(fill in the blank with appropriate project/ activity here)?”

4.  “I crowdsourced that on Twitter; I’ll let you know what I find out.”

3.  “Miss Florida and Miss Texas are working on that together.  We’ll get back to you.”

2.  “I’m going for a run. I have a half marathon in (X) weeks.”

1.  “I am so excited about…(fill in the blank with appropriate project/activity here).  This will be fantastic!”


What are you finding yourself saying right now, both professionally and personally, and what does that say about where you are?  I can definitely tell that my priorities are (1) Olivia (always!), (2) running, (3) collaboration, and (4) motivation- not necessarily in that order.