October Reading Round-up

Lots of great stuff out there, so let’s get started.

Interested in surgical culture and patient safety?  This Viewpoint reports the content of a panel during the 2015 Surgical Outcomes Club meeting addressing innovative approaches for modifying surgical culture.

Also in the JAMA Network, an on-line piece from JAMA about fluid responsiveness in hemodynamically unstable patients.  This is a high yield article with an accompanying author interview.  Highly recommended!

How should we think about honors criteria for the surgical clerkship? Here are some ideas (which are the product of a SERF fellowship!)

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over the last year working on workforce issues as they relate to surgical GME, so this Academic Medicine article piqued my interest as we consider new ways to train.

Shameless self-promotion moment!!! I am so excited to see this in print, and I got to hold a copy in my hands last week.  Y’all, I’m a book editor!  Thank you to everyone who contributed; you made what could have been an onerous project downright fun.

And for your reading pleasure, our September book group assignment was The Underground Girls of Kabul.  It was a simply amazing snapshot of an Afghani subculture.

Happy Fall, y’all!