September reading round-up

I’ll start with the obvious (at least to me) question that was discussed with my running partners this morning:

HOW did it get to be September?!?

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s a holiday weekend reading round-up for you.

Duty hours remain a topic of both discussion and contention.  And, interestingly, they do not appear to alter patient outcomes– either for better or worse- in many surgical specialties.

Social media is a necessary component of surgical practice?  This blog alone is proof that I am in agreement with that concept, and I am grateful that the SUS felt it worthy of discussion.

In the August JAMASurgery, interesting bookended commentary from ABS and ABIM leadership regarding MOC.  I still believe that the ABS is generally doing it right, and I value their commitment to responding to feedback.

Good news, surgeons:  We apparently manage sleep interruption well, at least in terms of our ability to operate the next day without negative consequences.

And last, for a long read that is (so far) worth every page and every word:  All The Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  Wow.

Happy last-hurrah-of-summer, dear readers.