September 2020 Reading Round-up

Am I the only person who feels like Fall snuck up on them? No? Just me? Anyway…

Anyone who has worked with me in ICU knows that one thing I’ve long been a bit noisy about it’s getting patients out of bed. Although this review shows that we have plenty of room for better evidence, early mobilization remains something we need to pursue-aggressively.

I’m pleased to see my colleagues who are editors of surgical journals making a clear statement on diversity in the editorial and peer review process; let’s please keep our energy behind this commitment.

I love the concept of gravitas, particularly because it’s something I’ve seen plenty of junior academics struggle with (and especially women!). I really like this HBR piece talking about cultivating gravitas. Tip #5 is the sine qua non for me- commit to integrity.

And, in other reading this month-

Current fiction:

Just starting this nonfiction:

And current group read:

Last but not least, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the car this month with the Broken Record podcast, and if you’re a music fan, DO IT. Rick Rubin’s interview with Brandi Carlile is gold, and the interview with Justin Townes Earle, released posthumously, is nothing short of bittersweet.

Happy Fall, y’all.