Random things that are on my mind

I’ve spent the last three weeks considering a blog post and trying to pick a topic.

And I’ve been paralyzed with indecision because it’s been so incredibly long since I’ve written here that I am not sure where to start.

So tonight I decided that the best place to start is by writing something, anything, even if it’s just random things I’ve been thinking about, listening to, reading.

In no particular order and apropos of nothing…here you are.

Thinking about:

Listening to:

  • Allison Moorer’s “Blood” (Link to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with her). If you don’t know Allison’s story, it’s worth listening to. She’s undoubtedly a survivor.
  • Miranda Lambert’s new album “Wildcard”
  • Sheryl Crow’s “Threads” – not even close to tired of it yet!
  • Bonnie Bishop “The Walk” (the whole album is magical)
  • Yes, I promise I listen to male artists too. These are just the things that are completely in my ear right now.


  • Finally getting around to Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad. I’m anticipating a binge read while traveling this weekend. Next Up: Spring by Ali Smith. Last up: Washington Black by Ese Edugyan. If you haven’t read it, you’ve missed out on a magical journey.
  • Good Habits, Bad Habits by Wendy Wood. It was one of this quarter’s Next Big Idea Club selections, and since I am generally obsessed with habit formation… Next up: Talking to Strangers
  • My own writing since I’m in the throes of finishing up an abstract (and have been trying to write the associated manuscript in almost-real-time).


  • Running, coming off of rehabbing my right hip. The piriformis is a mean little muscle.
  • Yoga with Adriene. If you’re having trouble making it to the studio, this is a completely workable substitute to get some yoga done.
  • I’ve spent about a weekend per month back in the Homeland this Fall, and it’s been nothing short of glorious to have time there with friends. You can take the girl out of Texas, but it will always and forever be home. Especially during Texas Aggie football season.

With that, I’m back home here as well. My aspirational self hopes to have something to share a couple of times a month. My actual self thinks that’s an achievable goal.