Make a wish, dreams come true, go on sail the ocean blue

Christmas night.

All is calm, all is bright here.

There’s the obvious “everything’s a little chaotic as I get ready to sell the house” going on, but other than that…I’m enjoying my first Christmas off in more years than I can remember. It’s been a long time.

Rather than pontificating about the end of the year, what 2017 has or hasn’t been, I realized that what I really wanted to was to share wishes for you for Christmas, or 2018, or Monday, or whatever it is that you choose today.

  • I wish you good health and safety
  • I wish you justice
  • I wish you kindness, both given and received
  • I wish you the ability to feel the fear and do big things that you’re passionate about anyway
  • I wish you the opportunity to create something meaningful to you
  • I wish you time with people for whom you care deeply (and who reciprocate that care)
  • I wish you moments of magic and wonder
  • I wish you both happiness and joy

And, as I sometimes provide with posts like this, a musical interlude that seemed just right for the occasion.