Looking for joy


Anyone else at that, “I just can’t even” point with the world right now?

My news consumption was already low, and this week I cut it by another 50%. It may reduce further, at least until the election is over, because I find that I seldom walk away from listening to the news and feeling good.

Last weekend I was discussing with a friend our shared need for hope, ease, and things that make us feel better right now. Acknowledging my own need, I wanted to share some Definitely Hopeful Things right now.

  • If you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow Maggie Smith (poet, not Dame Maggie Smith), do yourself a favor and follow her. Then take a listen to this interview with her discussing her life as a “recovering pessimist.” Then get her book that came out this week from your favorite independent bookstore.
  • While the finals are now over, Fat Bear Week is still an annual source of joy. And if you want to nerd out about why bears hibernate (and thus why being a fat bear right now is important), this Short Wave episode is a gem. Programming note: the bears are extra active in my part of Montana right now getting ready for winter, so if you’re out and about, please be extra careful.
  • Trust me about giving this a listen. The lyrics are inspiring (Yola). The vocals are amazing (Yola + Natalie Hemby + Brandi Carlile). And the keyboards and guitar? Not a day goes by when I’m not grateful for Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell being on this planet at the same time as I am.
  • And if you want something to watch to make you feel a bit better about the world, I’m going to put in a vote for “My Octopus Teacher” (85 minutes, if you’re on a time budget). Available on Netflix.

I’ll close with a quote from Maggie Smith.

“Joy is always on time. Keep moving.”

Go find the light, friends. And don’t forget to share yours!

(And if there’s some form of art or entertainment that is currently leaves you feeling better than when you started, please share!)

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    1. And provides us with some inkling of what a competently run government might look like? 😉