June reading round-up

I typically try to provide y’all with items that are current, in paper-press this month.

However, there are several things that came out online in the last week or two that are simply too important for me to delay getting them into your reading repertoire.  Therefore, we’ll have a high impact mixed bag this week for you.

With that opening, here we go…

Think twice before “bridging” from Coumadin.  Drifting might be a better choice.

A recurrence benefit to taking wider margins in wide local excision for breast cancer- hot off the presses from ASCO this week.  I’m proud of the work of my friend Anees Chagpar on this!

Here’s a print piece for you, regarding the perioperative cardiovascular care of noncardiac patients.  Apparently less is more, a philosophy I can easily buy into.  And this recent complementary piece on beta-blockade and operative risk in non cardiac surgery.

And…less is also more in antibiotics for intraabdominal infections.

And my two favorite “hot off of the presses” pieces are about the amazingly controversial topic of MOC- one from the ABIM perspective, the other from the ABS perspective.  While I would not argue that MOC is perfect (because it’s not), I honestly believe that the ABS is managing the process transparently and with integrity- and with the best interest of surgical patients at heart.


Happy reading, readers!