January Reading Round-up

Brand new month! Brand new year!  So, what’s out there that’s caught my eye?

***Not to be missed reading for the surgeons*** The American College of Surgeons and Surgical Infection Society have published updated guidelines on Surgical Site Infections.  Did I mention this should be mandatory reading for the surgeons?  Because it should.

If I remember correctly, this fantastic review manuscript on the crisis confidence in trainees was Dawn Elfenbein’s SERF project.  It’s also worth your time and illustrates the complexity of understanding confidence and its impact on our residents and junior faculty.

This is an excellent review of “what’s current in burn care” from the group at U of Alberta. HT to one of our plastics residents who shared it with me (since PRS is not in my usual journal wheelhouse).

If you’re one of our former students who have been “tortured” by the mock pages during your bootcamp course, here’s evidence supporting why we did that.  You’re welcome.

Residents are now required to participate in quality improvement; this report shows how that can be a truly meaningful experience for the residents and the patients.

Current non-medical professional reading, which I recommend highly: Appreciative Leadership by Whitney, Trosten-Bloom, and Rader.  I was hooked after the Inquiry chapter, and it has already proven invaluable.

Current non-medical, non-professional readingSally Mann‘s Hold Still. I only intended to read for 20 minutes last night.  That quickly turned into an hour between her amazing use of language and the photographs that are included in this memoir.

Happy 2017, y’all!