It’s time for a Reading Round-up!

I know, I KNOW. I hear you. So, here we are at least getting back on track with a reading round-up.

While I’m likely biased because I so enjoyed doing the author interview for the podcast, this article on REBOA has some very provocative findings. There’s obviously still work to be done regarding patient selection.

Whenever people ask me what I’m excited about in surgical education right now, I consistently tell them it’s our moves that are being made towards competency-based models. This Supplement to Academic Medicine provides some excellent background reading.

This terrific work on the use of TMR at the time of amputation was led by one of my plastic surgery colleagues here at THE Ohio State. I look forward to more data being shared on the patient benefits of this technique.

I’m grateful that our burn colleagues at UNC are looking into disparities in rehabilitation following burn injury. I’m curious if their findings would hold in other parts of the country with higher LatinX populations.

Nonfiction read that I just finished and definitely recommend: Farsighted by Steven Johnson. The chapter on personal decision making, particularly its discussion of the impact of a move and the importance of literary fiction in having a holistic view of decision-making, hit close to home for me.

I’ll have a full fiction recommendation for you in April. Hint: I’m reading Washington Black by Esi Edugyan right now and am LOVING it!