Have you seen my mojo?

Just wondering. I’ve been looking for it, and it’s certainly not been here in the land of writing.

I’ve been busy, though no moreso than usual.

I’ve had “blog” on my to-do list quite a few days and then it’s bedtime and sleep is precious.

I’ve even been stalled on the revisions on my Favorite Manuscript EVER for the last week.

I’ve kept a low profile on Twitter, and I’ve kept my news exposure to a minimum as well.

What I have done:

  • Taken care of the burn unit and our patients
  • Had a few really great runs
  • Went to post-Thanksgiving yoga
  • Finished our book group book for November
  • Kept up with my New Yorkers
  • Got all of my upcoming travel organized (more or less…)

I suspect there are one or two other things I’ve done, but those feel like the highlights to me.

Reading round up at the end of the week, I promise, and more to come in December.  And otherwise, I’ll count this as taking care of me for a bit- which is something all of us in the helping professions probably need to do more of.