Good stuff

Again I find myself at a loss for significant substance- we all only have so much bandwidth, right?- so for the second time this month I’m sharing what I’ll just call The Good Stuff. Because, pandemic and politics be damned, there’s plenty out things out there that deserve to be heard above all of that noise.

  • I’m admittedly of an age and from a place where the music of Tom Petty is a musical map of…well, almost everything. Last week, Wildflowers was re-released, more as it was initially intended since it was supposed to be a double album. While that alone was a source of joy for me, the hidden gem was a Rick Rubin interview with Petty’s daughter Adria, who was largely responsible for shepherding the re-release. I admit that I did listen to it on one of my favorite drives on the planet (down and then back up the Gallatin River on Highway 191) but it really was about the content, not the location.
  • Take a break. Go outside. Take a walk (or a run, if that’s your thing). And for heaven’s sake, go to bed. You’ll be better for all of those things.
  • I am admittedly a passionate advocate for public lands. They are one of many reasons I love the West as much as I do. This Patagonia-sponsored movie has beautiful cinematography, and while parts of what has been happening with our public lands are undoubtedly frustrating (shrunken Bears Ears, anyone?), I took the overall message as one of hope that many of us are passionate about these lands and being stewards of them.
  • May I share with you my all-time favorite pumpkin bread recipe? I mean, what on this Earth isn’t made better by brown butter and bourbon?
  • And now a challenge, or homework, asking you to send a random note or email or small gift to someone who is important in your life. It’ll make you feel good to do it, and I’m willing to bet it will make their day. I’ll admit that I got an unexpected package today from a dear friend and it was perfect…how would I NOT love something that is sparkly (the text is, though my photo captures that poorly) and has the word “radical” on it?!?