Going dark, just for a bit

Burnout among physicians, and surgeons in particular, has become a growing topic in the literature.  I don’t consider myself burned out, and I hope that my recognition of the meaning in the work that I do, my positive outlook that is grounded in a practice of gratitude, and my imperfect but heartfelt attempts to maintain my physical health speak to that.

However, I do know that I’m relatively terrible about taking “real” vacations- something that is a recommended practice to prevent or combat burnout.  Starting today, I’ll be off the grid for the next 12 days and won’t have access to modern technology (unless there’s a dire emergency, in which case we do have a sat phone).  If you want to know where I’ll be, here are some images of the Alsek-Tatshenshini River in Canada and Southeast Alaska.

So, while I’m gone if you would please be good to each other and go do some great stuff in the world, I would appreciate it.  Photos and stories upon return.


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