February 2018 reading round-up

Apparently moving and travel and…well, life have all been a little hectic.  Let’s get back on track with the February reading round up, if we may.

Opioids and our role as surgeons in the current “opioid crisis” is an ongoing hot topic.  This study helps to establish an evidence based for duration of postoperative opioid prescriptions.

If you’ve worked with me clinically you know that I am a big advocate for our pharmacists having a high level of engagement in the care of our patients, particularly those who are critically ill.  Not surprisingly, this new French study shows that having our pharmacy colleagues enforce quality bundles decreases LOS and drug costs.  Friends, listen to your pharmacists.  They are very smart people!

Sexual harassment is yet another hot topic; I wish that Academic Medicine had made this statement free to all readers, but I want to let people know it’s out there if they have access.  We’ve all got to work together to get harassment and discrimination of ANY sort into the “historical interest only” category. Zero tolerance is a key piece in that.

Closely related to this Academic Medicine viewpoint are two things from HBR.  First, their current Big Idea focuses on “Now what?” around the #metoo movement.  HBR podcasts also have a new “Women at Work” series that so far is worth the time invested in listening.

My other reading right now is Shawn Achor’s new book Big PotentialIf you are leading a team or aspire to lead a team, or simply want to succeed in life, I would call it “highly recommended.”