Fall down seven times, get up eight

General comment: Moving and starting a new job is HARD. Nothing in life is “automatic” right now. Nothing. My learning curve is vertical every single day.  That said, it’s all going well and I’m loving it.

While there will ultimately be a manuscript from my Presidential address last week at the Association for Surgical Education meeting, I wanted to share some key points sooner than later.  The address was entitled “You Belong Here” and was focused on how we create an environment of belonging for each other and for our learners.

As you might expect of me, I issued a series of dares for those in attendance with a series of action items. If you weren’t there, or if you need a refresher, here are the dares and their associated action items:

  • Dare #1: Have a conversation with someone who “pushes your buttons”
    • Action item: Take a hard look at your core network (and find people who are different from you in any way in which they can be different)
  • Dare #2: Nurture two-way relationships
    • Action item: “How can I help you?”- This question will completely change your relationship with everyone around you.  Especially if you ask it of people who “push your buttons.”
  • Dare #3: Know who you are
    • Action item: Lean into the mess.  No one can be you as well as you can, even when you’re imperfect.  Especially when you’re imperfect.
  • Dare #4: Practice “Radical Candor”
    • Action item: Speak your truth. Respectfully.  And listen, listen, listen.

Stay tuned for more details on any/ all of these items.  Oh, and I know it’s reading round up time.  Look for that later this week!