Everyone strapped in tight, we’ll ride it out

Quick quiz, dear readers.

Who remembers what debuted a year ago on December 9?

Might it have been this blog, with me coming out swinging on the issue of sexism (and a video of my hero Emily Graslie)?

Yes, we’ve been here together for a year.  It’s been sometimes erratic, mostly reliable, and definitely a great source of learning for me.  So many of you have become key parts of my personal learning network, all because of this place.

Reading round-up has become a monthly “thing” that I plan to continue.  The one vlog that I did?  Meh, at best.  Apparently I was late to the party on those, or maybe I need to try again.

My least viewed post?  Well, it was Post #2 on Frostbite.  Go figure.

The most viewed?  My discussion of personal statements for medical students.  After reading numerous more personal statements this year, everything in there holds true.

The biggest surprise?  That you all keep reading, keep commenting, keep emailing and Tweeting and Facebooking comments to me.  I honestly started the blog as a bit of a lark, and I consider at honor that you all take the time to come read my sometimes-crazy, always heartfelt thoughts here.

And with that, on to next year.  I can’t wait to see where it takes us!





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