Disruptive surgeon behavior, effects and coping mechanisms

I’m currently reveling in the amazing event that is Surgical Education Week, and I promise a blog post generated from my experiences here sometime next week.

In the meantime, here’s a link to what I talked about today- the effects of disruptive surgeon behavior, and how those exposed to it cope.  This merely skims the surface of the work that Will and I have done in this area, and I hope it will give you some food for thought. Of course, the question that underlies all of this work is what do we do about it. My response? Team training, conflict styles education, and zero-tolerance policies. Quite frankly, it’s beyond time for a culture change.

2 thoughts on “Disruptive surgeon behavior, effects and coping mechanisms

  1. Do u define “disruptive behavior” different for men and women . And r there difference s between what staff find acceptable behavior based on gender ? I think so but always have a hard time objectifying it. Thoughts ?

    1. Besty, we don’t have enough women at our institution to delve into that question (unfortunately)- and the definitions weren’t “mine” but were derived from the interviews. Data from the Toronto group, presented in the same session, discussing “cordial” versus “competent” images did show some gender differences. Many of us do believe it’s real.