December Reading Round-Up

You knew it was coming, right?  Here it is…my guide to December reading, just for you.

In JACS this month, an excellent overview of firearm injury in the US.  One thing should be clear to everyone- we have a problem.

Not surprisingly, the 2011 duty hours didn’t improve patient outcomes.  My frustration with arbitrarily and capricious rules continues…particularly in the face of AMSA screaming that the FIRST trial is “unethical.”

Failure to rescue, and resultant mortality, also occurs in non-cardiac thoracic surgery.

And if you want to join us for the December installment of IGSJC, it’s next Monday and Tuesday evenings, and we’ll be discussing surgeon leadership styles and team behaviors.  This promises to be a great discussion!

Fun reading?  Our book group is discussing Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in January and February.  I went ahead and picked it up, and I was 250 pages into it within a couple of days (with the help of a couple of long plane flights).  I’m a bit embarrassed that I skipped it when it was first published, though I am happily compensating for my oversight now.