December 2016 Reading Round Up

It’s the last one of the year.  That’s a bit bittersweet (but not too much so!).

What’s caught my eye lately?  A few things…

The New Yorker often provides some of the best lay press reporting on medicine.  This article on hypothermia in trauma patients is no exception.

Maybe my bias comes from practicing a specialty that is already regionalized (at least here in the Mountain West).  This thoughtful piece presents regionalization as a possible strategy for improving surgical care more broadly.

I make plenty of jokes about midcareer in academic surgery being a bit like being Jan Brady- we simply don’t get much attention in terms of people supporting our ongoing career development, and while we’ve figured out how to get to where we are, there’s not always a clear road map on what’s next.  Janet Bickel does a nice job describing growth opportunities for those with the mid career blues.

I’ll confess that I’m thrilled to see Surgery publishing qualitative work. This piece is particularly interesting to me because of its examination of challenges and barriers for surgeon-scientists.

Pleasure reading: The Door by Magda Szabo was our book group reading for November.  I missed book group (call broke my soul) but loved the story in a strange way.  Of course, everything about November was strange, wasn’t it?