Last week I crowdsourced on Twitter, asking folks for their best advice they would give a new intern.  We started out using our “usual” #SurgTweeting hashtag that a group of us tend to use for education-related surgery issues, and by the end of the week I changed it over to #dearintern.  The responses have been inspiring, funny, thoughtful…essentially everything that I expect of my Twitter community.

Read.  Enjoy. Add your own thoughts here in the comments or on Twitter if you hang out there.  I think we would all love to read them.


1 thought on “#DearIntern

  1. before you ask why or why not something is done, see if you can figure it out by observing. and don’t ask when somebody is trying to concentrate! go to crazy lengths not to be late, even if everybody else is. be teachable, which means listen without interrupting and with good eye contact, then looking like you got it and will follow it. if you accommodate your style to those people who have trouble doing and talking at the same time, they will love you forever, or at least not hate you! start trading money for time (pay to get your house cleaned, your groceries delivered, your laundry done) as much as you can, it’s worth it.