Better together

Yesterday I finally…finally… hit upon the word to describe where I am right now about so many things.


Sure, some of it’s this completely mystifying political landscape we’re part of in the US right now. Some of it’s not.

Maybe I should blame the Supermoon this week, or the first winter storm that’s blowing in tonight.

What I know for sure is that focus has been hard and ideas have been fuzzy. I keep putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward at whatever pace, because I simply can’t afford to not do so.

I also know that the greatest moments of the last couple of weeks have happened in community.  I’ve experienced an almost daily reminder of kindness, of basic goodness, of humanity, and sometimes of plain silliness.

In those seemingly little, fleeting moments I am reminded what a gift community is.

And I am quietly reminded of the importance of saying thank you.

(Yes, I’m a week early for Thanksgiving.  It’ll be okay.)



3 thoughts on “Better together

  1. Thank you! Unmoored is a good word to describe this. Can’t wait to talk more with you! Kate Morris

  2. Thank you for putting words to the exact place I am in – Right beside you. It could be the light at the end of the tunnel for me; my crazy chaotic year is now entering the peaceful wind up that is my reward.

    We enter into the darkness now. The time of rest and introspection. It’s my favorite time of year.

    1. Joni, that’s beautifully stated- going into a time of resting, introspection, and preparing for new growth. I love it! I hope y’all had a great meeting this weekend.