August reading round-up

To quote the Talking Heads, “How did I get here?”  Seriously, y’all, where is the year going?

Anyway, to the business at hand…this month’s reading round-up.

If you’re interested in the intersection of gender and academic medicine (which is something that’s just a bit of an interest for me…), check out August’s Academic Medicine.  And yes, I do mean essentially the whole publication.

I was touched by this essay in JAMA Pediatrics. Much like the author, in my line of work it’s near impossible to not form an attachment to patients and their families because of how long we’re together and the difficulties of the work.  I will also confess that, like the author, my ongoing personal ties to some of my patients and their families is precisely what prevents burnout and discouragement during the hard times.  We are part of one anothers’ stories.  Period.

Another piece on women, this one about women in surgery, and it is the Julie Freischlag’s Jonasson lecture she gave last year. Bouncing up is a great thing to remember to do in life, not just in academic surgery.

Concurrent surgery is a hot topic still; this Viewpoint provides an important perspective on informed consent.  I’m proud that the U of Utah seems to be ahead of the curve in this area.

Pleasure reading?  I’m just starting Rachel Cush’s Outline for our August book group.  The discussion around last month’s read, The Secret Scripture, was phenomenal!