Apps and other life hacks, December 2015 edition

I’ll admit that I’m sharing some of this in hopes that readers will share their favorite apps and life hacks that they are using with me- I am always eager to learn in this area!  Disclaimer:  Apple bias coming your way.  Sorry not sorry.

So, what are my current favorites?

  • If you’re looking for an excellent meditation app/ program, check out Headspace. And yes, I was using it prior to reading this piece in the New Yorker about its founder.
  • Need a white noise app when you’re staying in a hotel room with lots of outdoor noise?  Sleep Pillow has been a lifesaver for me with some of my recent travels that have included generous amounts of ambient hotel noise.
  • As much as I hate admitting that we have an air quality issue in Utah, we often do.  The Utah Air app is great for my asthmatic self when I’m trying to decide if it’s okay for me to run outdoors or if I instead have a hot date with the treadmill.  Fortunately, I haven’t been faced with those issues yet this winter- unlike last year.
  • I’ve never been wild about the iCal in terms of user-friendliness.  Enter Fantastical, which I am completely smitten with for its natural language scheduling abilities.  I have it for the Mac and the iPhone.
  • And my last e-tip for you is Sanebox, which I know I’ve mentioned before.  It has integrated seamlessly with my University email account, and I love that it is “trainable” and now presorts 85% or more of my email based upon priority status.  Sane BlackHole may be the best feature EVER, particularly for all of those annoying emails from predatory open access publishers.

And my non-electronic life hack?

Blue Apron, of course.  It’s not dirt-cheap, but I know I waste less food with my subscription that I used to without it. Most importantly, it’s made both my mom and me slightly more adventurous cooks, encouraging us to try our hands at things we NEVER would have made otherwise.  We still do have to do the food prep, but I love that the grocery shopping and sourcing piece is done for us.  Note:  I have some free meals to share if you want to give it a go.


So, what life hacks and electronic helpers are rocking your world right now?  Teach me something!