A few thoughts on getting quiet

I had no intention of turning the blog into a ghost town this year.

And yet…that’s what happened. Fortunately people still find it and read it and find things I’m pondering useful and helpful.

I’ve thought about writing here and simply haven’t done so. If I were an ambitious maker of excuses, I could provide more than a few (some would be real, some would be ridiculous). I do miss writing- I just haven’t missed it enough to get back to it. I’ve heeded my own advice about “What do I need right now? What in this moment will help me the most?”

In the last 90 days, I’ve moved my own household across the country (2300 miles if you’re keeping score). I’ve (mostly) wrapped up a consulting job I loved getting to do because it was to support people and a place that matter deeply to me (#becauseMontana). I’ve started my “next chapter” in academic surgery and have resumed being a clinical burn & critical care surgeon (sabbatical, I miss you, but Go Gators!). After 20 months of being without a dog, I now have a 6 month old Scottish Collie puppy (gratuitous photos and lessons learned from Rex to follow). In addition to my own move, I’ve dragged my dad across the country to move into assisted living 20 minutes from my home (y’all…aging parents are a THING. I now have plenty to say about that.). I’ve trained for a half marathon for the first time in 2 years (we’ll see how that training went tomorrow morning). I’m sure I’ve done a few other things, but those have been the ‘big’ things. Individually, any one of them is an accomplishment. I’m hoping I’ve stacked the deck in a way that I don’t need to have any other major life shifts for a good long while.

When I look at that list and think about my commitment to managing myself and my energy in a way that is kind, it’s easy to recognize I didn’t have much leftover to write with. I want to believe I have wisdom to share from all of these experiences and I’ve got a list of topics saved up to work from over the next several months. So stay tuned- there’s more where all of this came from in the first place.

I’ll close with a gratuitous puppy photo that emphasizes his “floof” around his ears and his Collie snoot. I promise he’s not always serious like this!