52 Things I’ve learned…

Because how else would I resurrect the blog on my birthday?!?

  1. Leopards don’t change their spots
  2. Time outdoors, particularly when the sun is shining, is a salve for me
  3. A sincere apology is an act of great humility
  4. Accepting a sincere apology is an act of great grace
  5. When life becomes complicated and challenging, the people who love you the most will hold your hand through it
  6. #5 is a kindness that should be reciprocated when friends are in need
  7. Food & drink indulgences that I love more than I probably should: good tequila, complex cheese, 70% dark chocolate
  8. Teaching preschool (especially preschool Sunday School) provides innumerable transferable skills for the professional world
  9. Impostor Complex is real, and it can be overcome
  10. I’m still doing everything that I did 10 years ago. It just hurts more the next day (and I’m a little slower)
  11. Material indulgences that I love more than I probably should- and my closet shows evidence of all of these: shoes, dresses, fun scarves, handbags
  12. Convincing your brain that thoughts aren’t facts can be incredibly hard to do
  13. Work-life integration doesn’t seem to get easier over time
  14. I miss travel and exploring (note to remind myself I’m writing this during a pandemic and haven’t been on a plane in a few days shy of 3 months)
  15. Happiness comes first, not after
  16. As an introvert, one can still be a “pack animal”
  17. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.
  18. It really is better to give than receive
  19. Morning ritual sets the tone for the day
  20. Taking my work email off of my phone is one of the smartest things I have ever done
  21. Procrastination sometimes does get rewarded
  22. Managing energy is as important as managing time
  23. You work will never love you back
  24. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it
  25. I miss live music as much or more than I miss travel and exploring right now
  26. Cats are natural yogis
  27. Not enough of us listen deeply- including myself in that at times
  28. Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.
  29. Asking for help can be daunting and is seldom refused by those who are asked for help
  30. When facing challenges, make sure you actually see them
  31. People are more receptive to the concept of amygdala hijack when I call it “using your dinosaur brain”
  32. It’s okay to quit things that truly are not a fit
  33. It’s impossible to be overprepared
  34. How society views women remains complicated and limiting
  35. Play, especially when you don’t think that you have time to do so
  36. Little wins matter as much or more than big wins
  37. Being in a position of leadership does not necessarily mean that someone is an effective leader
  38. Not being in a position of leadership does not necessarily mean that someone is not an effective leader
  39. Considering the worst case scenario can be helpful; maybe it’s not actually that bad…
  40. Mistakes will be made, very few of which cannot be corrected
  41. Compassion for others starts with self-compassion
  42. Know your purpose
  43. It’s possible to be both fierce and flexible
  44. Stop comparing. Just stop
  45. We will always have people whose hearts are in need of blessing, in the traditional Southern sense
  46. Laugh, and find joy in the laughter of others
  47. Run when you can, rest when you need to
  48. The world can be nasty, brutish, and unjust, but we don’t need to respond that way. If anything, we need to respond in the opposite fashion
  49. Story matters
  50. Shame casts a long shadow
  51. Privilege also casts a long shadow
  52. One of my superpowers is finding the good. May I never lose that, and may I find ways to continue to share it.

2 thoughts on “52 Things I’ve learned…

  1. I loved the reference to the reptile brain. Lesion the amygdala and you get a raging snarling monster much like a infuriated alligator. Or some idiot like me who missed out on the evolution of the neo-cortex. Miss Amalia you are a great surgeon. I have photos of my hands on-line. I was the only patient in the burn unit with two surgeons. Ha, ha. Thanks again for your fine work.